Europapark | Horror Nights 2016


Hello my friends!

Three weeks ago, we have been to the Europapark Rust in Germany! We normally used to go during summer for the “Summer Party” event, where most of the attractions and rides were open until midnight. We decided to attend the “Horror Nights” event this year! It’s an special evening-event from September until early November and it’s definitely NOT for weak nerves. Only a limited number of guests can buy a ticket, so do not forget to buy the ticket online in advance here. Combined (entry for Europapark + Horror Nights for 72.50 €) or individual (only for Horror Nights is 28€) tickets are available. We have been at the beginning of the Halloween/Horror Nights season (on 23 September), so we could easily get a combined ticket before we entered the park. However, I am sure that more people will go there during Halloween in October, so check out their site, if you’re interested in getting a ticket for this event. So we had a super amusing day at the Europapark and a spooky adventure in the evening. The Horror Nights started around 7:00 p.m. in a defined area of the Europapark. Live zombies (actors) were walking around the park and you could choose from different haunted houses, which were really really cool. Since I am more scared of Japanese haunted houses (they know what fear really is!!) I wasn’t afraid at all. It was more amusing than scary. The actors did a really great job although. The event was super cool. May I should apply for a seasonal job there, muhahaha :D

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 europapark2016_80 europapark2016_79 europapark2016_78b europapark2016_77 europapark2016_76 europapark2016_75Combined Ticket
Europapark + Horror Nightseuropapark2016_74so where shall we start?europapark2016_77bAlready 41 yearseuropapark2016_80b europapark2016_73b europapark2016_73Photo memory of Silver Star europapark2016_72 europapark2016_71Having so much fun! :) europapark2016_70 europapark2016_69 europapark2016_68The bigest pumpkin at Europapark europapark2016_67cHalloween vibes~ europapark2016_67b europapark2016_67europapark2016_78 europapark2016_66 europapark2016_65 europapark2016_64 europapark2016_63That looks good on you guys :D europapark2016_62Blue Fire Megacoaster europapark2016_61 europapark2016_60Water rides! europapark2016_41 europapark2016_40europapark2016_39europapark2016_39bDrying our clothes…
and shoes *lol*europapark2016_39c europapark2016_59*Roarr* europapark2016_58at the Food Loop restauranteuropapark2016_57Ordereuropapark2016_57aeuropapark2016_57cand wait for the foodeuropapark2016_56it comes in a pot ^^ europapark2016_57bThis pumpkin is mine *g* europapark2016_55 europapark2016_54 europapark2016_53 europapark2016_52bGreat smile :D europapark2016_52 europapark2016_51 europapark2016_50Face painting!! europapark2016_49 europapark2016_48 europapark2016_47That unicorn ♡ europapark2016_46 europapark2016_45Unicornlovers (*^^)v europapark2016_44 europapark2016_43b europapark2016_43aSmile~ europapark2016_43And off to the Horror Nights europapark2016_20 europapark2016_19europapark2016_17 europapark2016_18  europapark2016_16 europapark2016_15Zombie attack!!
Run for your lives!europapark2016_14 europapark2016_13she was adorable ^.^ europapark2016_12 europapark2016_11 europapark2016_10 europapark2016_9oh oh, someone is coming…. europapark2016_8and last but not least:
the ice showeuropapark2016_7e europapark2016_7d europapark2016_7c europapark2016_7b europapark2016_7nothing for weak nerves ;)!! europapark2016_6Had so much fun, thanks everyone! europapark2016_1


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