Kawaii Character Stuff


Hello my darlings!

How are you all doing? I just came back from my vacation, my school is over now (got good news yesterday :)) and I finally found some time to blog again! There are so many things I want to share with you – some travel posts from last year and there are many many left from this year, Mokeke travels, reviews and more. My favorite season has started now – chestnuuuuuuts! – and I am looking forward to a warm and colorful autumn. Life is awesome right now!

I wanted to start with a kawaii cute post about some character stuff, which I bought in Switzerland and Germany. I was quite surprised to see Disney or Sanrio characters on various products. That’s quite rare in Switzerland, while in Japan, for example, it is normal to have a character on almost every fifth packaging. I hope European manufacturers will produce more of character-related products. It makes much more fun to have breakfast or wipe away the tears with Hello Kitty & Co (*゜▽゜)

Spongebob Bubble Drink and Hello Kitty Star Drink ^_^
bought it in Germanykawaiicharacterstuff_42 kawaiicharacterstuff_41This fizzy cherry splash flavored drink
is from the Lolipop Candy Shopkawaiicharacterstuff_42bWho else is playing Pokémon GO??
You could buy Pokémon Cupcakes
at the Confectionery Bachmannkawaiicharacterstuff_40 kawaiicharacterstuff_39Sanrio tissues! kawaiicharacterstuff_38 kawaiicharacterstuff_37Hello Kitty inside kawaiicharacterstuff_36 kawaiicharacterstuff_35Bought them at the Coop supermarket kawaiicharacterstuff_34Same here – Frozen tissues from Coopkawaiicharacterstuff_30 kawaiicharacterstuff_29 kawaiicharacterstuff_28Spongebob tissues from Aldi supermarketkawaiicharacterstuff_33 kawaiicharacterstuff_32Fancy :) kawaiicharacterstuff_31Hello Kitty yoghurt
I think I bought them in Germanykawaiicharacterstuff_27 kawaiicharacterstuff_26 kawaiicharacterstuff_25Coop sells a lot of Disney stuffkawaiicharacterstuff_24Elsa & Anna kawaiicharacterstuff_23so lovely! kawaiicharacterstuff_22Last but not least – Star Wars strawberry yoghurt kawaiicharacterstuff_21 kawaiicharacterstuff_20

3 responses to “Kawaii Character Stuff

  1. Those tissues are awesome!
    In my country they’re totally blank, only the package is printed. Fortunately, last month, there were tons of “The secret life of pets” stuff out there: stickers, keychains, figurines, candies, and so on, so I got a really happy time collecting them.
    Also, since Hello Kitty is on voge, it’s not unusual to find lots of things with her, at least printed on the package.
    I love collecting kawaii stuff :)
    Thanks for sharing

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