Kawaii Phone & Ipad Covers


My ordered covers arrived some days ago, yaay! Time to pimp up my phone and my new toy – an iPad mini 4 – with Totoro, Chopper or Pikachu ^_^ Covers are very important for me, since I don’t like to leave my electronic devices without any case or screen protectors. The phone or tablet will gain a little weight (the bigger the device, the heavier it gets…), however, it is better protected against scratches or scrapes. It is crazy how much money a phone repairs costs nowadays… and I personally think a smartphone itself is expensive enough. So to keep my electronic friends alive for as long as possible, I bought this lovely cases. I got used to buy phone covers in Japan, since they have a wide selection of kawaii stuff for phones or tablets. In Switzerland the choice is very small, which is a great pity. I wanted to buy a new phone case for my Sony Xperia on my last trip in Japan, unfortunately, they didn’t have any cases for the M4 Aqua model. That was very surprising cause normally you will find almost everything in Japan. I finally bought the cover online on AliExpress. I love AliExpress because a lot of sellers offer free shipping and the products are very cheap (ok, it’s made in China xD). All my covers cost less than 10$. Can you imagine that my Pikachu cover was only 1.80$?! If you are looking for a lovely case for your phone or tablet, I recommend you to check out AliExpress (*^^)v

My current phone: Sony Xperia M4 AquaCover_60 Cover_59Let’s start with the first phone cover:
Chopper from One PieceCover_58 Cover_57Front: Cover_56Back: Cover_55 Cover_54Inside: Cover_54bI got the Chopper Cover from this seller: Cover_53Cover_17Next is Pikachu from PokémonCover_51 Cover_50I love this cover so much!
Pikachu is so damn cute >w<Cover_49I bought this cover here:Cover_52Cover_18My new toy~♡
IPad Mini 4Cover_47 Cover_46 Cover_45and I found the perfect cover for my iPad!!!
Isn’t this cover adorable?Cover_44 Cover_43 Cover_42 Cover_41More kawaii iPad (mini 4) cases here:Cover_48Cover_20 Cover_19Cover_40

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