Christmas Cookies 2015


Christmas is coming soon. Only 11 days to go! Today I invited my friends to make some Christmas cookies. It become our annual tradition to bake cookies together. We decided to make gingerbread man, jam sandwich cookies, almond cookies, shortbread cookies and chocolate cookies this year. Are you guys going to bake some Xmas cookies too (゚∇^*)?

Let’s start…XmasCookies_50…or maybe a selfie first? *lol* XmasCookies_49someone seems to have a lot of fun with my cam >w<
XmasCookies_48LOL!!!XmasCookies_47enough selfies, back to work now ^.^  XmasCookies_46 XmasCookies_45 XmasCookies_44Moustache  ♥XmasCookies_43 XmasCookies_42 XmasCookies_41while the cookies were in the oven…
playing Clash of Clans *g*XmasCookies_40also cats have lazy daysXmasCookies_39ehhh what happened to the moustache?! hahaa XmasCookies_38 XmasCookies_37=) XmasCookies_36 XmasCookies_35jam sandwich cookies XmasCookies_34 XmasCookies_33finish! XmasCookies_32the sky nowadays ♪ XmasCookies_31

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