Summer Party | Europapark 2015


Hello dear readers!

How are you spending your summer time?? Recently I have been to the Europapark in Germany. If you are a loyal follower of my blog, you will know that we always attend the “Europapark Summer Night Party”, which is once a year. The amusement park is open 14 hours so you can have fun until midnight! I just checked out my photo albums and can you imagine that my first summer night party was in 2009? It’s already the seventh time this year and I never took a break!!! Time goes by so quickly.. unbelievable. I had a super-duper time with my friends. I feel so sad that the day is already over. I am looking forward to next year~☆

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Europapark2015_1Happy 40th Anniversary! Europapark2015_2 Europapark2015_3Fun until midnight Europapark2015_4 Europapark2015_5 Europapark2015_6 Europapark2015_7beloved friends ♡Europapark2015_100 Europapark2015_8 Europapark2015_9 Europapark2015_10 Europapark2015_11 Europapark2015_12 Europapark2015_13 Europapark2015_14 Europapark2015_15 Europapark2015_16 Europapark2015_17 Europapark2015_18 Europapark2015_19 Europapark2015_20 Europapark2015_21 Europapark2015_22 Europapark2015_23 Europapark2015_24 Europapark2015_25 Europapark2015_26 Europapark2015_28 Europapark2015_29 Europapark2015_30Europapark2015_27Europapark2015_31 Europapark2015_32Europapark2015_35 Europapark2015_33 Europapark2015_34



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