Random Stuff Japan

Just a random entry with stuff I saw, ate or bought in Japan.
Enjoy the pictures (*^^)v

I adore this Lemon Tea!
My fav beverage beside Matcha ^_^Randomstuff_24Fanta Acerola CherryRandomstuff_30Melonpan & Matcha Latte Randomstuff_29Peach Water Randomstuff_25  One Piece Smartphone CoversRandomstuff_22mhmmm Apple Juice! Randomstuff_21…nd Pokemon Melonpan and Anpan! Randomstuff_20Natchan! RandomJapan17Qoo GrapeRandomstuff_28Food *w* RandomJapan16Spaghetti Carbonara RandomJapan15Cronut RandomJapan14and Donuts! RandomJapan13at Mister Donut with my MokekeRandomJapan4Sending Postcards RandomJapan12 RandomJapan11Let it goooooo cookies for my friend :D RandomJapan10for my lovely Hana RandomJapan9damn I love you – POCKY! RandomJapan8Point Pads RandomJapan7at Baskin Robbins RandomJapan6Pear Juice RandomJapan5Peach Water again! RandomJapan3Japanese Sweets RandomJapan2Fanta Grape! RandomJapan1and mooooore sweets xD JFood_6 JFood_5 JFood_4 JFood_3 JFood_2Souvenirs from JapanRandomstuff_31

4 responses to “Random Stuff Japan

  1. That’s why I love Japan!
    They have lots of amazing things and original stuff. They always have new things to try.
    Is that Melonpan the one from the advertisement which sings: “Pan… poke…poke…pokemon…pokemon…pan… (and I don’t know what else, because I don’t speak Japanese XD )”??? If you haven’t seen it, you should, it’s sooo cuute!!

    • Oh yeah, they are so creative! And all the design… ahhh, so lovely >w< Pokemon pan, yes that's a melonpan!! I often buy things just because of the awesome packaging ^_^

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