Rainbow Muffins


Hi my Lovelies!

How are you all doing? Did you have a nice Easter Time? ( `・∀・´)ノ I am back from the Netherlands! I had some splendid days in Amsterdam and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you guys. It was one of the beautiful places that I have been in Europe so far! It was hard to go back to Switzerland ~o~. I arrived home yesterday and had another day off today, so I could enjoy my birthday to the full. Yep, I turned 24 years old today. Finally! Don’t ask me why but I was fed up with being 23… (I am not superstitious or something like that, but I am not a fan of odd numbers, especially nr. 3 (;^ω^)) I had a relaxing day and the sun was shining so heavenly. In the late afternoon I stand in the kitchen, prepared some funky rainbow muffins for my working colleagues. May you remember my rainbow birthday cake, which I made 3 years ago! Crazy how quickly times goes by…! If you are looking for the recipe, you can have a look at this post >>here. The main recipe is always the same: butter, egg, sugar, flour and milk. After, you can do whatever you like: add chocolate, chocolate chip, fruits or food coloring to the dough. Have fun experimenting ( ´∀`)b

Colourupyourlife_1I used food coloring! Colourupyourlife_2 Colourupyourlife_3I love this part right here ♥ Colourupyourlife_4 Colourupyourlife_5Off to the oven! Colourupyourlife_7 Colourupyourlife_8 Colourupyourlife_9 Colourupyourlife_10Try if you like ^.^Colourupyourlife_6The fun part: decoration :D Colourupyourlife_11Colourful sprinkles – let it rain over your muffins!! Colourupyourlife_12 Colourupyourlife_13The more the better ^_^ Colourupyourlife_14 Colourupyourlife_15Rainbow muffins for a sweet life Colourupyourlife_16

10 responses to “Rainbow Muffins

  1. Huhu :) Danke für dein liebes Kommentar! Oh man die Muffins sehen ja toll aus *-* Will auch! Danke für das coole Rezept! Lg Meike

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