Pure Smile Point Pads

Pointpads_0Hello Lovelies!

My penfriends just got some souvenirs from Japan – I also send some kawaii beauty stuff like this Point Pads from Pure Smile. Some people had questions like: what are Point Pads? so I got the great idea to introduce this beauty product to all of you.

Well, may some of you know the brand Pure Smile, which is actually very popular in Japan. You can find all kind of beauty products for face, body and hair. They have shampoos, lip scrubs, creams, face masks or even masks for your lips! Σ(・∀・;) The Point Pad is a sort of small face mask. You can use them on your face (not for your eyes, as I first thought) or on other parts of your body, which need precious moisture. The pads are filled with Vitamin-E, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid and Arbutin and are available in different scents from floral to fruity. One pack is filled with 10 sheets and it costs about 100 Yen (~0.85 USD). Did you know that they are actually made in Korea? ;-)

They are cute, light and easy to transport, that’s the reason why I love to take some home after every holiday in Japan. Whether for my own use or as a souvenir – they definitely put a pure smile on your face :)

even Hana is curious ^_^Pointpads_1You can buy different fragrances! Pointpads_2 Pointpads_3Cucumber~ Pointpads_4You can put it on your face or other body parts Pointpads_5for example like this xD Pointpads_6 Pointpads_9 pure Smile =)Pointpads_11other products from Pure Smile:Pads2 Pads


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