Winter Paradise in Lucerne


Hello dear Snowflakes!

Has there ever been snow in your country?! We just had an enormous amount of snow 4 days after Christmas Eve. It was kind of strange, because we actually had warm and nice weather the day before the snow storm started. So on the weekend, right after the Christmas days, I had a date with my beloved daddy. We decided to go to the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne (Verkehrshaus Luzern). May you remember that I was there in February or recently in Mid December to see the legendary Coca Cola Christmas truck.

Even if I am not a passionate winter lover, I was really happy that it was snowing, while I was in Lucerne! The city looks magnificent and incredibly breathtaking when it is covered in snow. It changed beautiful Lucerne into a winter paradise!

So, when we arrived in Lucerne, we had a short walk along the Lake Lucerne. I wanted to enjoy the snowy scenery before we head off to the Transport Museum. At the Museum, we first went to check out the new attraction: the Swiss Chocolate Adventure. You could hop on a wagon and listen and watch to different scenes about the discovery, origin, production and transportation of chocolate. The ride made fun and the story was very interesting. You even get a smooth melting Lindor chocolate from Lindt at the end of your adventure. There was just one thing, that didn’t make me feel very happy… The Swiss Chocolate Adventure wasn’t included in the ticket for the Swiss Transport Museum. You had to pay extra since the adventure is a separate attraction. But all in all, the project has been implemented very well!

WinterParadiseLU_1These little monsters joined me to Lucerne WinterParadiseLU_2 WinterParadiseLU_3WinterParadiseLU_5WinterParadiseLU_4 WinterParadiseLU_6A rare photo from me and my beloved dad ^^ WinterParadiseLU_7 WinterParadiseLU_8 WinterParadiseLU_9Snow snow snow! Can’t believe it! WinterParadiseLU_10 WinterParadiseLU_11 WinterParadiseLU_12 WinterParadiseLU_13 WinterParadiseLU_14At the Swiss Museum of TransportWinterParadiseLU_10aNew Attraction: Swiss Chocolate Adventure!WinterParadiseLU_15 WinterParadiseLU_16 WinterParadiseLU_17The Gods of chocolate ^.^ WinterParadiseLU_18 WinterParadiseLU_19So cool! Chocolate in biiiiiig size! WinterParadiseLU_20 WinterParadiseLU_21 WinterParadiseLU_22WinterParadiseLU_23Ready to take off?? WinterParadiseLU_24I was a bit too small for this, hahahaa WinterParadiseLU_25 WinterParadiseLU_26Auguste Piccard’s submarine WinterParadiseLU_27 WinterParadiseLU_28Smile! WinterParadiseLU_29I said NO but he didn’t listen to me… WinterParadiseLU_30 WinterParadiseLU_31Looks like this Mokeke loves danger *g*… WinterParadiseLU_32


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