3… 2… 1… Happy 2015!


Happy belated New Year everyone!

I just revived from the dead. I actually wanted to post this on the first or second of January… but I suddenly got ill on New Year’s Eve. The last three days I  spend in bed. Cough, feeling dizzy, headaches (not from alcohol!!). It was the first time ever in my life that I slept three days in a row! As you can see… my New Year didn’t start so well, but hopefully it will be better from now on *lol*. I hope you guys had a better start into 2015!

However, I had a nice last evening with my lovely friends. I invited them for a New Year’s Eve dinner at my home. The dinner was supposed to be prepared from me and my little sister… but since I got sick, my Sis and her BF made most of the work. (Thank you~!!). We had lamb’s lettuce salad as a starter, then we continued with a juicy piece of meat (entrecôte beef) with self-made Café de Paris sauce and potatoes and beans. Last but not least, a hot apple strudel with vanilla ice cream. Mhmmm. It was awesome! What did you do on New Year’s Eve?

HappyNewYear_3 HappyNewYear_6don’t mind the mess xD
we had everything under control!HappyNewYear_5Show time!HappyNewYear_7HappyNewYear_8HappyNewYear_9  Hana stole my chair,
while we were preparing the dessert!! <__<HappyNewYear_11oh yes… evil catHappyNewYear_12HappyNewYear_10Do you know the Chocolate Game?
All you need is a chocolate wrapped several times in some paper,
a dice, gloves, a hat, a scarf and a fork and knife.
The person who throws a 6 can wear all the winter items, take the fork an knife and try to open the wrapped chocolate.
You have to be quick, otherwise you have to pass the items to the next person, who throw a 6.
HappyNewYear_13The mask isn’t necessary *lol*
This was just to protect my friends from my flu.HappyNewYear_14We didn’t have much time before midnight,
so we ended up right after we reached the chocolate >w<HappyNewYear_15Getting ready for the biiiiig booooom!HappyNewYear_16HappyNewYear_17HappyNewYear_18HappyNewYear_193…. 2…. 1…..HappyNewYear_21HappyNewYear_20HappyNewYear_22

Ribbon1 500x50or


10 responses to “3… 2… 1… Happy 2015!

  1. Ich hoffe du hattest doch einen guten Rutsch trotz der Erkältung! Bei mir gab’s auch Champagner auch um Mitternacht. ^^ Ich hoffe es geht dir jetzt besser. Mal so gesehen, du hattest für dieses Jahr schon eine Erkältung, jetzt kommt keine mehr!!! ^^

    • Hahaaha, das hoffe ich auch! 3 Tage im Bett <___< Da muss ich ja jetzt gegen alles abgehärtet sein, eigentlich xD Ich hoffe du hattest auch einen guten Start in neue Jahr, liebe Nagareboshi <3

    • Laura ♥ Bi scho fast weder 100% gsund ^_^ Hoffe du besch au guet grotscht! Be jetzt scho ganz gspannt uf dis 2015 bzw. Won-Buddhism Meditation Center Winter Retreat!! *_____*

  2. Happy New Year!
    Why didn’t you open the champagne bottle?? Hehe
    I also had a nice celebration with my family. We baked a fruitcake for the dinner, and we bought some cheese and wine for the dinner as well. We spend a good time together.

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