Christmas 2014

Hello my pretty stars! ★

Christmas comes and goes… Did you eat a lot like I did?! As I mentioned in the last blog post, I always spend Christmas Eve at home with my Mum and some yummy food (*^▽^*). This year my sister joined our Xmas dinner as well. My mother prepared the starter: rocket salad, which looked like a Christmas wreath (this was actually my wish ^.^) and the main course: おでOden (a traditional Japanese winter dish) and black mussels! I made the dessert: a selfmade Strawberry Shortcake. It is the third time in a row that I made a Strawberry Shortcake on Christmas and this cake was the best so far! I added kirsch to the whipped cream (the last two I made were without) and the taste became absolutely different.

So we had dinner together, took some pictures (of course (@`▽´@)/), exchanged our Christmas presents and afterwards my sister and I watched a DVD together. A relaxing evening with my beloved family.

On the 25 December I went to my (Swiss) granny. It is one of the few events, where I really meet all of my relatives from my father’s side. Uncle, aunty and cousins – I rarely see them during the year, but on Christmas, almost everyone is there. Granny’s traditional Christmas dish is “Fondue Chinoise” (meat fondue). Mhmmmm, I’m lovin it ヾ(゙ε゙*) After we had filled our bellies with all the delicious food, we played some games, enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee with granny’s selfmade Xmas Cookies and in the evening we made a big mess – respectively my little bro made a big paper mess (゚∇^*) He is the youngest in the family (we others are too grown-up for Christmas presents), ­ so 50% of the presents are for my brother. Sometimes I wish to be a kid again *g*

How do you celebrate Christmas in your country?

Hana was in Christmas mood too! >w<Let’s start! I love this salad *_* it was so cute xDItadakimaaasu! Let’s eat! Monster Sis… Oden! Yummy :D Our dessert! Hana was playing with the ribbons Got this one from my Sis. Thank you so much! My plate! So many presents for my little Bro!! :D Happy Time!


5 responses to “Christmas 2014

  1. Frohes neues Jahr dir erst mal! ^_^ *drück*
    Freut mich, dass du so eine schöne Weihnachtszeit mit deiner Familie hattest. Das Essen sieht auch so lecker aus. *w*

  2. Oooh! Those cake and cookies look so yummy!! I want to learn how to make that cake, I love strawberries.
    To celebrate Christmas we join together with our families and have a Christmas Eve special dinner. The most common dishes are turkey, crumbled fish (Atlantic cod?) prepared with almonds and a special sauce (I don’t really like it hehe), apple & cream salad, “romeritos” (Some kind of plant with a sauce we call “mole”, which I don’t like either), and Cider. Once it is 12 o’clock, we hug each other and sing Mexican lullabies to the baby-Jesus figurine and place it into the Nativity-scene. Then we go on to open our presents.
    The following day (Christmas) we join again to eat the leftovers of the dinner XD.

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