Christmas Cookies 2014

Hello again!

How are you today, my friends? Are you ready for Christmas tomorrow? I still can’t believe that it is tomorrow… yeah, TOMORROW >w< !! Well, I have to work until 3 o’clock and afterwards I will rush home to prepare the Xmas dinner. On the 24 December I always have a relaxing evening with my Mum. My little sister told me, that she will come and join the dinner party too this time. What are you going to do on Christmas Eve?

Let’s go quickly back to my weekend, respectively to the main topic of this blog post. The day before yesterday I met up with my friends to bake some Christmas cookies. We started to do that many years ago and now it became our xmas tradition. Baking cookies makes much more fun with friends than alone, right ^^?

We had enough eggs *lol* Coconuts cookies mhmmm *w* Decoration~ Don’t mind my sister’s smile xDWhile the cookies are in the oven…This little devil ate one of our cookies >w<Neighbour’s cat vs. my dad’s catNearly finish =)Made with lots of LOVE

4 responses to “Christmas Cookies 2014

  1. Hoffe ihr habt Weihnachten schön verbracht :)
    Dieses Jahr kam ich leider irgendwie gaaaaaaaaar nicht dazu Weihnachtsplätzchen zu backen T__T In meiner Studentenwohnung hatte ich einfach keinen Backofen und als wir nach Hause gefahren sind, war es schon Weihnachten *sobsob*

  2. Leckersounda!すごい台所にうらやましい!

    • じつはお父さんの台所なの! いいよね~ あんなに広いし場所もいっぱいある(*´▽`*)

  3. Ich hab absolut überhaupt keine Geduld zum Kekse backen. XD Mit mehreren Leuten macht es aber bestimmt auch mehr Spaß. ^_^ Lecker sehen sie jedenfalls aus, eure Plätzchen. <3

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