Santa Claus is coming to Town

Hi Sweeties! ♡

Here comes another post about my weekend. On Sunday morning I went out with my friends to have breakfast at Monsieur Baguette in Zug. The breakfast buffet was quite small, but you could order as much crêpes as you like. Savory and sweet – crêpe with egg.. with tomato sauce… cheese… with chocolate and banana… sugar… hot berry and more. They had more than 15 different flavors and it was yummy! ♪

In the afternoon we went to the Verkehrshaus (The Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne) to have a look at the legendary Coca-Cola Christmas truck!! I am pretty sure, you guys have already seen it in the Coke advertisements. (^∇^) You could take a close look at the truck, get your own personalized Coke and take pictures with Santa! Everything for free. After we got our pictures with Santa Claus, we just had another hour before the Museum closed their doors. The rest of the time we spend at the Media-Factory, where you could broadcast your own TV or Radio show. That was really cool and made so much fun. I just say: 3…2…1… Show Time!! ヽ(*^^*)ノ

Mokekeeeeee At the Museum ☆There is a Lindt shop inside the Museum ^_^
Chocolate Heaven!!! Jealous ^.^?? I didn’t even notice that my friend took this picture xD Santa! We love you all =) Picture was sponsored by Canon. Happy! And the truck at night. WAO!The boys had a lot of fun :)
It was very amusing. This “blue-box” was great!
Everything, which was green (or blue), disappeared in this screen.
You also could use green blankets, which has the same effect
like the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter! Cool! Behind the scene.
This is how the “blue-box” really looked like.Last but not least, the radio station!Like a music star *w*


One response to “Santa Claus is coming to Town

  1. Sehr cool! :D Ich möchte auch mal wo essen gehen, wo es so viele unterschiedliche Crêpesorten gibt. *Q*
    Und den Coke Truck haben wir bei uns auch XD Ich schaffe es nur irgendwie jedes Jahr nicht, mal hin zu gehen, haha.

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