Getting ready for Christmas

Hello everyone! ☆ミ

How are you? ・:*:・(*´∀`*)・:*:・ I finally survived the JLPT Japanese language exam some weeks ago! The Kanji part was quite difficult but all in all, the test was easier than I thought. There are still some month to go, until I will get my result (February 2015) but I am sure that everything went well. So, I am finish with studying at the moment and I can’t wait to blog again. It is mid December already and Christmas is coming soon! I am very excited and I am totally in Xmas mood (even if it feels like spring here in Switzerland *lol*). I know that you guys are still looking forward to my travel posts about Japan, but I decided to blog about it the next year. I rather love to write about some festive blog posts at the moment. It would be strange to blog christmassy stuff in January, right? The travel diaries can wait ^.^

So yesterday I prepared some Xmas cards from my friends abroad and in the evening, I went to Lucerne to see the Eine Millionen Sterne (A million stars) project, which has been organized by CARITAS, a Swiss relief organization. This event is once a year and the large quantities of candles in front of the the Church of St. Leodegar is absolutely breathtaking! I was there two years ago (here the blog post)! ★

Xmas cards for my friends!
Lucerne at night *o*

Eine Millionen Sterne by CARITAS

twinkle twinkle little star…
candles everywhere ^_^

with my Mum ♡

Mokeke ♥ モケケ

6 responses to “Getting ready for Christmas

  1. The photos are amazing, it must have been an incredible evening. Do you know how many candles were there? I’ve never seen so many candles together!
    BTW, the cards look really nice ;)

    • That’s a interesting question. I honestly have to say, I have no idea. You could buy a charity candle, so I also think that it depends on the additional amount of the candles, which the people bought there :)

  2. So viele Kerzen. Total schön. *__*
    So richtig in Weihnachtsstimmung bin ich aber irgendwie noch nicht. :(

    Aber ich drück dir die Daumen, dass du bei deiner Prüfung gut abgeschnitten hast! ^_^

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