Hello World!

Helloooooo everyone!! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Nice to see you! Thank you for stopping by at my blog site after a long time without any activity on mihoshappylife.com. I hope you didn’t forget me and checked out my Facebook page during my blogging absence :) Before I rush to bed now, I just wanted to say, that I safely arrived back in Switzerland – however, I got a heavy flu shortly before I came back from my vacation in Japan… Jet-lag, exhaustion and the sudden temperature change was definitely too much for my body. I tried to combat my cough with drugs, which my working colleague recommended me… but it caused more problems (headache and nausea) (; ・`д・´) *lol*. Furthermore, I spend Halloween in bed… and I couldn’t really enjoy and celebrate my sister’s birthday on the following day. I went back to work today, but I still felt a bit dizzy in front of the computer… 三 (lll´Д`) Anyhow, I think hope things can’t get any worse. I think that I am finally on my way to recovery and I really look forward to blog and share all my travel experience about my holidays in Japan soon! I still have to reorganise my pictures although *g*. I will probably start with the Aki no Matsuri, a Anime-/Manga-convention which was held in Zofingen two weeks ago. Stay tuned, my lovelies!! ♡

at work ^_^
seems like my working friends missed me?

Lucerne nowadays…
Nice weather but it’s still so cold, brrrr!Hana nowadays…
lazy but soooo cute >w<
My outfit at the Aki no Matsuri ^.^
Blog post is (hopefully) coming soon!


11 responses to “Hello World!

  1. Welcome back! I hope you get better soon and share with us more photos about your trip. Have a nice day ;)

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