I am on Holiday!

Hello my darlings! ~♡

I promised you to post a holiday update before I leave Switzerland! And here it is!! Let me see… after looking at the picture above, you will probably already know where I will stay the next few days.

Japan ~ Nippon ~ Nihon ~ 日本 – I am coming!

It was exactly one year ago that I have been to Japan with my best friends. Now, I decided to travel on my own and in addition, I am going to learn Japanese at a school in Fukuoka for about 2 weeks.

My flight will leave tomorrow evening from Zurich airport and I will arrive in Japan on the second of October. My first stop is Tokyo 東京, where I am going to stay for 2 nights before I will meet my host family in Fukuoka 福岡. My Japanese course will start next Monday. I am very curious how it is going to be. Meeting new people, discovering a new city and entering a new part of Japan (Kyūshū 九州).

After my school time I will meet my cousin in Nagasaki 長崎市. She studies at university and since the dormitory is easily to reach from Fukuoka, I decided to visit her and bring some souvenirs and yummy chocolate from Switzerland ^_^.

Before I fly back home, I spend another 3 days in Tokyo. I will arrive in Switzerland on the 24th of October. In brief, I will stay in Japan for about three and a half week. I still can’t believe that my flight is tomorrow. Shopping, eating, learning and having fun – the amusement will start soon!

In contrast to last year, I am going to take my laptop with me, but I don’t know if I will blog or not. However, I will post some pictures on my Facebook page and I will also keep my Instagram and Twitter account up to date. Feel free to have a look at my social media accounts!

Take care guys and see you soon! ♥♥♥♥♥
xoxo Miho

PS. You will find all my travel posts about Japan here:
~Travel Diaries Japan~

5 responses to “I am on Holiday!

  1. Have fun on your holiday in Japan! But working on a holiday? You’re such a studious girl! I would only want to have fun and not do anything serious (learning haha).

    Thank you so much for your giveaway gifts! I received it in tip top condition and am so excited to use it! (I don’t take baths often but will indulge myself now)

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