Energy Air Bern 2014

Hello my readers!

Weekend just started…. and it’s already over now! Is there anyone out there, who has a time machine at home?! Can I borrow it for a while, pleaaase?!! *lol* You would like to now why? Well, I have been at the Energy Air in Bern – an openair concert, which was held in the capital city of Switzerland. You could win two of 40’000 tickets of the Energy Air festival, yeah right, you could only WIN tickets! The main sponsor of the festival was Swisscom, the major telecommunication provider in Switzerland. My friend and I won totally four tickets, so we could take my sister and her boy friend with us. The concert started at 5 p.m. and ended at around 10.30 p.m. We were standing more than 5 hours in the stadium and listened to different bands like Maxim, Family of the Year, Kodaline, Plasma, Pegasus, Bastian Baker, Dabu Fantastic and many many more. My feet and my back were hurting like hell, since I couldn’t move around in the crowd, but all in all it was a successful event and I had a great time with my buddies.

so many people….


with my little Sis ^o^
Selfie time with my BFFs

6 responses to “Energy Air Bern 2014

  1. Cool!
    I’m amazed by the amount of people that went to the concert! Do you know approximately how many people were there??

    • There were really really a lot of people xD 40’000 people could win a ticket, but there are maybe some people, who were staying at home or didn’t notice that they have won a ticket :)

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