Sweet Tea Time

Hello my friends,

It’s a rainy Sunday today. Again. It seems like summer in Switzerland is more or less over now… September is starting tomorrow and I still hope that we will have a golden fall with some splendid sunshine this year. The cold weather forces one to drink a hot cup of tea – right? (Well, I drink tea at any season, even if it is hot or cold outside (≧▽≦)) At my working place, I store x-sorts of teas in my drawer (instead of paper or documents (;´∀`)). In my blog post, I am going to show you the three cutest teas that I have in my collection. The first one is Green Tea Strawberry Cupcake from Lipton. In my opinion, it didn’t taste like Stawberry Cupcake at all… I am not a big fan of “European” green tea since they become bitter very fast. But the idea of mixing green tea with cupcake was funny although ^.^ The last two teas are from Teekanne: Prinzessin Lillifee and Frecher Flirt. Both are very fruity and aromatic. The packaging of the goods has a strong influence on my buying habit. How is it with you??

 Tea Time with Mokeke :)

Green Tea Strawberry Cupcake from Lipton

Prinzessin Lillifee from Teekanne

Frecher Flirt from Teekanne


4 responses to “Sweet Tea Time

  1. Ich bin auch so eine Teetante und trinke auf der Arbeit liebend gerne Tee. XD Frecher Flirt kenne ich auch, aber die anderen Sorten noch nicht. Werde die aber bestimmt mal probieren, wenn du sie so gut findest. :3

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