Holi Gaudy Festival 2014

Hi everyone!

Before I leave the house, I would like to leave a blog post about the Holi Gaudy Festival in Lucerne! This week I often arrived at home at very late hours, so I didn’t have time to edit the pictures. September (and hopefully a pleasant autumn) is coming soon and I my agenda is almost fully booked now – especially during the weekends. I really look forward to my holidays~ there are just 6 weeks left *wohooo*! The holiday update will follow at the end of September ^_^

Ok, so do you guys now the Holi Gaudy Festival?! It seems to be very new in Switzerland. According to the amount of festival dates in Germany, it looks to be very popular there. Holi, the “Festival of Colours”, is one of the oldest and most colorful festivals in the world and has its origins in India and is celebrated every year to welcome the spring season. Thousands of people come together and throw colourful powder in the air – just like we did during the festival in Lucerne.

It was the first time that I went to this kind of party. By accident, I saw a trailer about The Colour Run on Youtube and my first thought was: OMG, I want to go there! While searching for friends, who would like to join me to this freaky idea, my sister told me that there is a similar Festival in Switzerland. [Why didn’t you tell me that earlier, Sis, LOL?!] Anyway, I looked for the tour on holi-gaudy.com and luckily, I there was one in Lucerne.

We had super sunny weather and it was one of the best festivals that I have attended in my life. I think it was the colourful atmosphere that made me so happy. It was super duuper awesome, it made so much fun and I would immediately got to the Holi Gaudy Festival again!!! The party was bombastic and totally worth it!

Thank you @faint33 for sharing some of the video scenes with me!

Don’t forget to wear white clothes when you go to the festival!! :D
I recommend you take sunglasses and a mask with you!
(I used it only once although… >w<) Getting ready for the festival ^^ Let’s P.A.R.T.Y!!! I LOVE this part right here :) Don’t mind my face! *g* ♡ Sister ♡ OMG, my nails (*ノωノ) Look at this! LOL xD But don’t worry, the powder isn’t that bad as it looks like!
After washing it becomes white again ;)


6 responses to “Holi Gaudy Festival 2014

  1. Cool! :D
    Jop, ich hab das Gefühl, hier in Dtl. schießen die Holy Festivals nur so aus dem Boden. Hab in den letzten Monaten mindestens zweimal auch so bunt bepuderte Leute in der Stadt gesehen. xD Weiß nicht, ob es wirklich was für mich wäre, aber prinzipiell finde ich es schon ganz witzig und interessant. ^^ Vllt geh ich nächstes Jahr mal zu so einem Festival.

  2. Hey :)
    Sehr schöne Fotos! :D
    Ich war dieses Jahr auch auf einem Holi-Festival. Macht ja wirklich suoer viel Spaß! :D
    (Und das Pulver geht auch super wieder raus ;D)

    Liebe Grüße ♥

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