Happy Birthday Switzerland

Hello Sunshines!

Did you know that Switzerland become 723 years old on last Friday?! The 1 August is the official national holiday of Switzerland. On this day, the evening sky is always full of colourful fireworks. Wherever you go, you can hear the sound of the firecrackers and enjoy the amazing sparkling stars. I spend my long weekend with my friends and family. (*^0^*)

When and how do you celebrate national holiday in your country?

Sun was shining so bright!
1 August brunch on the farm!

(^_^)farmer’s breakfast!

Mokeke meets Mr. Bunny

I love these Japanese fireworks:
Senkou Hanabi ☆ 線香花火
booom baaang!!!
Caution: don’t copy this, kids xD

Baby, you’re a firework…

2 August 2014

Visiting Daddy

Playing UNO
…with my beloved brother and sister

6 responses to “Happy Birthday Switzerland

    • Ninnikunekoさん久しぶり。(^^)/
      たくさん楽しんで、笑ってね ( *´艸`) 笑顔が一番ですから!♪

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