Summer Party | Europapark 2014

Hello my dear readers! ♪(^∇^*)

You hopefully had a great weekend like I had on Saturday! On 26 July there was the 14 hours summer night party at Europapark in Rust, Germany. If you are a regular visitor of my blog, you should probably know that we always go once a year to this amusement park. I never missed the chance to enjoy the roller coaster, shows and attractions until midnight. Puuh, I think it is already the sixth or seventh time in a row.

In general, when we visit the park, the weather is hot, sunny and dry, however, this time it was surprisingly raining. Luckily, the rain stopped in the afternoon and we had pleasant temperatures of 25°C.

We started with the Silver Star, which is still my favourite attraction compared to the other roller coasters. Afterwards, we did some “innocent” rides. We had lunch in England at the restaurant called The Three Piglets and we bought some sweets at the next confectionery booth. In the afternoon we were queuing for the Blue Fire roller coaster and various water rides. My highlight was the Surpr’ICE show~★!! I highly recommend you to visit the ice show!! The show changes every year and it surprises me again and again.

We had a super duper great time together and I still have muscle pain in my belly from laughing *lol* *´∀`)*´∀`)´∀`). The video of the summer party will follow soon. Stay tuned~♡!

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Mhmmm, so many sweets! So difficult to choose *___*Gummy candy!
Silly Sisters ^.^Water rides~New attraction 2014; ARTHUR Thank you guys, for this great day!
♥ ya all!

5 responses to “Summer Party | Europapark 2014

  1. Mein Freund geht auch mit seinen Freunden immer 1mal im Jahr in den Europa-Park. Mich hat er einmal mitschleifen können, aber neeeeyy ist nicht für mich. Ich bin voll nicht der Achterbahnfahrer. Voll der Schisser XD; Wobei wenn ich mich dann schonmal überwunden habe, auf die Silverstar zu steigen, dann gehts eigentlich. *hahaha*

    • Es gibt auch ganz viele tolle Shows und Attraktionen, es muss nicht immer Achterbahnen sein ;-) Essen, Gamen, 4D Movie, Eisenbahnfahren und vieles mehr :D

  2. Ohh, du warst hier. :) (also in Dtl. xD)
    Für mich ist Achterbahn fahren absolut nichts. xD Aberdie Achterbahnbilder von dir und dein Gesichtsausdruck sprechen Bände. :DD Sieht nach einer riesen Menge Spaß aus. ^^

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