FIFA World Cup Final …and Coke Selfies

Hello my dear readers!

Do you know what’s up today? The final match of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil is going to start in a few hours. What do you think, who is going to be the champion today – Argentina or Germany? ( ゚д゚)乂(゚д゚ )

I am not a big football fan and I actually never watch sport on TV. Funnily I saw the last two matches of Switzerland. This is totally unusual for me and after all I was thinking like; what the hell… why did you watch those games?! *lol* However, I must admit that the last game against Argentina was very very exciting. The TV presenter was screaming, our neighbourhoods were screaming, my friends were screaming (in Whatsapp). That was quite funny, 。゚(゚^Д^゚)゚。hahahaha. Unfortunately, the Swiss team lost against Argentina… and that’s why I also lost interest in watching any of the football games. And I also will not watch the football World Cup Final in the evening. Instead, I am going to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty after I finished my blog entry (´w`*). I ordered the DVD two weeks ago but it still lies unpacked next to the television… I am finally going to open it today *g*.

So for those who are going to watch the FIFA Wold Cup – I wish you a thrilling football game and for all the others I wish you a very pleasant Sunday evening! (*´∀`*)/

Who is your football champion??

PS. Two friends of mine gave me some really cool personalized Coca Cola bottles!!! I was super duper happy about these presents – thank you so much guys! You two made my day (I couldn’t resist to take some Selfies, muhahah (ノ∀ヽ))

Miho-Coke! Yay :D

So Happy!!! 愛~ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)/~愛

3 responses to “FIFA World Cup Final …and Coke Selfies

  1. Klar gucke ich das Spiel! x3 Ich bin sonst zwar auch nicht so für Fußball, aber wenn unsere Mannschaft schon mal im Finale steht, muss man sich das ja auch angucken, oder? XD
    Und tolle Cola-Flaschen. XD “Be happy and awesome” ist cool.

    • Glückwunsch!!! Deutschland ist erneut Weltmeister :D Also wenn die Schweiz gespielt hätte, da wäre ich selbstverständlich auch mit Chips und Bier vor dem Fernseher geblieben >w<

  2. Wow! I also want a bottle with my name!
    My name isn’t available, so I’ll need to look for the Coca-Cola Stand, hehe

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