Post from Japan!

To be honest, I actually wanted to do this post in the beginning of 2014 *g*. Remember, I have been to Japan in October 2013!!? Anyway, this post is about how you can send parcels from Japan to your country. I am sure that everybody knows the moment when you are on vacation and want to take all the cool things home with you? That happens to me all the time, when I am in Japan. At the end of my holidays, my suitcase was already at the limit, but I still had plenty of stuff, which I wanted to take to Switzerland. What did I do? I packed all the rest into a parcel and send it to my home address. I have chosen the cheapest shipping method Surface (by ship), which takes around 4 – 8 weeks until it arrives in Switzerland/Europe. At the post office you can chose different sizes of boxes. Don’t forget to ask for the green “POSTAL PARCEL” form, in Japanese it’s the 小包ラベル (You will find the description of how to fill in the parcel form at the end of this post). My parcel weighed around 13 ~ 14 kilograms and cost approx. 8’000 Yen (~70 Swiss Francs/~78 US Dollars). More about Parcel Post Rates here. My parcel arrived save and sound at my home in about 6 weeks.

Now I will leave you with lots of souvenirs from Japan. Most of the stuff was sweets, hahaaa. I loooooove sweet treats (★ ̄∀ ̄★)にやりッ☆

his gummy was so cute! (≧∇≦)キャー♪ Pocky in all variations! ヽ(*^-^*) Calpis syrup! Mhmmm grape flavour!
Have you ever tried this?Melonpan cookies Can’t get enough of it; oil blotting papers!Japan has a wide range of hair treatments
I love this one from LUX:Heat protector and styling spray for wavy hairThis hair treatment serum with strawberry fragrance Face masks from LuLuLunI got these eye pads from my cousin ^^ and J-magazines!And here comes Funassyi >w<
My auntie caught this candy in a game center (UFO cacher).isn’t he cute?

小包ラベル – Postal Parcel Label

Here comes the address of the sender

2) TO
Here comes the address of the recipient, respectively your home address.

A) name of your sending goods. Btw, I often write “used” clothes/books etc. so I rarely have problems with the custom.
B) number of items/weight/value
C) Enter a cross if the parcel contains…
…a gift
D) Select shipping method…
…AIR = by plane (very fast but expensive)
…SAL = surface air lifted (faster than surface and a bit cheaper than Airmail)
…Surface = by truck/rail/ship (takes 4-8 weeks but it’s the cheapest method) I always choose Surface.
E) Confirm that no dangerous articles are included in the package!
F) You can insure your mail if you like (I don’t)
G) In case of non-delivery of the parcel, you can choose different methods of returning your mail
H) Date & sign

The official site is >>>here


6 responses to “Post from Japan!

  1. Oh Gott, oh Gott. So viele leckere und süße Sachen. >w<
    Per Post schicken ist glaube ich echt ne gute Alternative, wenn der Koffer schon platzt, man sich aber trotzdem nicht beschränken will. ^^"

  2. Hey Thanks for visiting my blog!! I live in Osaka!! I love everything you got!! I am currently using Tsubaki treatment water!!

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