Mexican Dinner Party

Good evening everyone!

Weekend is nearly over and I just wanted to finish my day with a blog entry. I invited my friends my sister invited her friends to my home (since my Mum is currently in Japan, I took this opportunity to organize a party). It was a long time ago that we had Mexican dinner, so we made nachos, tacos and tortillas. We have a good variety of Mexican products like sauces, chips, mixed spices etc. from OldElPaso in our supermarkets in Switzerland, so it easy to find all the ingredients. I highly recommend the spices, they give your meat the perfect flavour ♪

We chilled a bit outside and enjoyed the sunny weather before we had dinner together. I am still tired from yesterday – it was around 4 o’clock in the morning when I went to bed *lol*. Well, we played simple card games after midnight (…it can become really really addicting (;^ω^))! Ahhh, I am so tired now, I think it is time for me to go to bed. Good night, Sweethearts! ☆

Somersby Apple Cider ♥ I love it!
This was supposed to be our dessert:
a XXL watermelon!!!
but after all the tortillas we actually had enough ^.^”
instead of the watermelon we ate this xD
chocolate cake and cherries!

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7 responses to “Mexican Dinner Party

  1. All the Mexican food looks great! Now I’m craving some nachos! I actually really like nachos but I’m pretty pick with them =P I haven’t found a place that serves perfect nachos yet and I don’t usually get to order it because I can never finish it myself….

  2. Wow! It looks delicious… (º﹃º)
    If you like avocado, you can make avocado tacos. Just put some salty avocado slices on a warm tortilla, and it’s done!
    If you find Oaxaca cheese at the store you mentioned, you can put it inside the tortillas and heat them a little to make quesadillas. You can also use cheeses such as manchego or gouda, or any kind of cheese which can be melted (viscous). They taste really good with some drops of chilli sauce inside.
    We usually don’t add raw carrots to our food, just lettuce, but it sounds really good. I’ll give it a try.
    I got hungry… see you next time!

    • Oh yes, it was yummy :D The variations you mentioned, sounds delicious too! BTW, I just remembered that I didn’t use chilli, that would be great to mexican food. I looove hot chilli and stuff ;-) should try it out the next time. Thank you for the ideas, Sweetheart! <3

  3. Mhhh, das sieht so lecker aus. *0* Mexikanisch könnte ich auch mal wieder essen. Und den apple cider hab ich auch schon im Supermarkt gesehen, ich glaub den kauf ich mir bald auch mal. :3
    So ein entspannter Abend mit Freunden und leckerem Essen ist doch was tolles. ^-^

    • Mexikanisch geht super schnell und super lecker ist es auch :) PS. Den Apple Cider unbedingt im GLAS und nicht inder Dose kaufen! Schmeckt beides sehr unterschiedlich!

  4. If you ever visit Texas you will be in for a treat with Mexican food! It is so yummy and about the only food I know how to cook ><;;;; I need to practice other things to make XD;;;

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