My Easter Weekend

Hi Bunnies!

How did you spend your Easter days? I usually celebrate Easter with my relatives on my Daddy’s side, but this year, everyone was too busy, so there was no family meeting this time. I guess that we are all getting older…  ̄ω ̄” Since I didn’t plan anything special during Easter, I decided spontaneously to travel to the Italian part of Switzerland; Mendrisio, to the central part of Switzerland; Lucerne and last but not least to the French part of Switzerland; Geneva. On Friday, I went to the FoxTown Factory Store, which is one of the biggest outlet store in Switzerland. It has a wide range of famous world brands! The next day, I went to the IMAX cinema in Lucerne and on Sunday, I did a small trip to Geneva. When you are travelling throughout the day, time goes by so fast!

Refreshing my English correspondence skills for work ^.^
…btw, I started to learn Japanese!
Why are Kanjis so difficult TT_TT?

It’s difficult to take pictures through the window glasses


↓↓↓Mokeke in Lausanne↓↓↓


2 responses to “My Easter Weekend

  1. Das sieht nach einem busy Osterwochenende aus. :D Aber schön, dass du so viel unternommen hast.
    Und ihr habt echt so schöne Landschaften in der Schweitz. ;~;

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