Pink Valentine Macarons

Hello my Sweethearts!

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! What are you guys going to do on Friday? I will probably spend a normal day, just as every day ^.^ nothing special. Work – eat – again work – go home – watch my favourite TV soap and that’s it *lol* not very romantic, huh?! (笑´w`) Oh yes, there is still one other event beside Valentine’s Day… I will blog about it, so stay tuned!

As you know me, I couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass without any Valentine’s baking idea. So I thought, how about macarons for Valentine’s Day?? I have never tried to make macarons in my life before, so I decided to try one of the RUF ready-to-use-mixture, which I bought in a German supermarket. To be honest, since I started to bake independently, without the help of these baking mixtures, I never bought them again…. Anyway, the preparation was quite easy and the macarons looked “not bad” at the end… but the taste was…………………………… not really satisfying -_-” and they were more like cookies than macarons, haha..! Yup, I learned my lesson now: never buy this ready-to-use-mixture from RUF again *g*. Either I try to make macarons on my own or I buy them in the next patisserie (●>∀<●)

I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your macarons will be more successful than mine  v(>w<*)

Let’s bake!

My sweet pink macarons!

I added some more red colour to the pink filling

and finish!

decorate your naked macarons ^.^ !


4 responses to “Pink Valentine Macarons

  1. Die sehen richtig gut aus ^_^ hab die Backmischung hier auch mal gesehen, ist leider aber schon ewig her und nun haben sie die nicht mehr im Sortiment -.-
    Irgendwann mach Versuch ich mal mein Glück ohne Backhilfe xD

    • Gut aussehen – aber schmecken taten sie nicht besonders gut xD die waren eher so Kekse anstatt weiche Macarons *lol* Jup, werde auch mal ohne Backhilfe ausprobieren… vielleicht gelingen sie dann besser :P

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