Goodness From Inside Out: Alo

Hey everyone!

I am enjoying a sunny Sunday with a delicious drink right now: Alo. (o´_`o) This drink was launched last year and become one of my favourite soft drinks. Personally, I don’t drink much of Coca Cola & Co. I prefer water or unsweetened tea. But sometimes I love to look through the shelves at the supermarket to watch out for new or unusual products. At the drink corner I discovered a green bottle called Alo. “The chewable Aloe Vera drink” – was written on the packaging. I was quite curious so I bought and try it. It’s really delicious and I love the taste so much. It reminds me of the typical taste of Japanese green grapes, which you can’t find here in Switzerland. (´∀` ) And the aloe vera pieces makes the drink even more special. The drink I tried is the one called “Exposed”, which contains aloe vera and honey. I also tried “Allure” with aloe vera, mangosteen and mango, which was ok… but I prefer the first one. On the official website I saw that there are many other flavours of Alo drinks, but at the moment I could only find “Exposed” and “Allure” in Switzerland. I would love to try the other one (* >ω<) so I hope that our supermarkets will expand the product range of Alo drinks in the near future!!

Cute QR-code ^.^

So many flavours! I want to try them all:


3 responses to “Goodness From Inside Out: Alo

  1. Can Aloe Vera be eaten in pieces?? I didn’t know it… In my country we drink its extract, or use it to heal non-severe injuries, such as cuts or skin irritation, but I had never heard of eating it that way.

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