Swiss Museum of Transport Lucerne

Hi Sweeties!

I just wanted to leave you a short weekend update before I go straight to bed now >__< Since I got a new position last year (I have been promoted to workaholic *lol*), work became incredibly busy… I arrive home late – from my working place until my home it takes me about one hour – that’s why I couldn’t blog much this week and I can’t say if I will be able to increase the amout of my blog entries the next days (_ _lll)ァハハ・・・ It’s a challenging job but all in all I have to say that I am happy to work for my company and I really enjoy my work very much ^.^

Back to my weekend: I have been to one of my favourite childhood places: The Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne. Whether with my family or with school, we often went there to see and experience the development of transport infrastructure. My highlight there is still the Planetarium! It takes you to the infinite universe, the sparkling stars and the Milky Way~

Sooo many wheel rims!

Sister and her affection for hourses *g*

miniature trains!

ohhh, an accident o.O call the police!

just having fun :)

Playing pinball!
One is never too old for this game >w<

It looks like a fitness machine, right?

I don’t know if this was First or Business Class – but it was definitely not Economy ;)

7 responses to “Swiss Museum of Transport Lucerne

      • I used to go to a planetarium near my home, It was electromechanical (traditional), but some years ago, it was changed for a digital one, which unfortunately, wasn’t very good, so they had to change the size of the dome…it ended up being a complete disaster in my opinion. I really miss the original one :(

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