Hello Snowflakes!

Winter slowly came back to Switzerland… It was snowing in Lucerne yesterday (but the sun let the white flakes disappear again after a few minutes….*lol*). The winter season is very strange this year – even if the temperature is quite cold and the wind is freezy, we still have many days of sunshine. That’s actually fine for me and I hope that spring time will start as soon as possible. Winter is definitely not my best friend >w<”.

May you noticed my new fluffy jacket, which I was wearing to my Usagi-Bunny-Fashion outfit? Actually it is a polar bear jacket! I already have the same in brown and I liked the jacket so much that I bought another one (* ̄∇ ̄*)エヘヘ Is is sooo comfy and warm – recently, I only wear this jackets during the weekends. In addition, I also bought the same jacket in black *lol*. It is still on the way from Japan to Switzerland and I can’t wait to complete my wardrobe. Soon I will own all available colours. Review will follow as soon as I get my parcel! ヾ(^○^ )

Selfie-time ^.^
PS. I am wearing my GEO Choco Circle Lenses!

6 responses to “Shirokuma-PolarBear-Fashion

  1. Jaa, der Winter ist jetzt auch bei uns angekommen. Wir haben gerade auch Schnee und es ist ziemlich kalt, so um die -10°C. Brrr, das ist ja so gar nicht meins. :(
    Aber bei diesen Temperaturen ist so eine flauschige Jacke natürlich Gold wert! Und du siehst auch so richtig süß aus damit. :33 Man möchte dir in die Wange kneifen. xD

  2. Awww~
    So cute!!
    Well, I love winter, but there is none in Germany this time… not so far.
    I really like our jacket!
    Have two fluffy ones, too, but they’re without such cute ears…
    Want to have a fluffy tiger jacket some time in future. ^^

  3. Bei uns (in Deutschland) is überhaupt ga kein Schnee zu sehen.
    Kann nicht richtig definieren, ob das gut oder schlecht ist XD

    Boah, deine Jacke ist echt süüüüüüß!!!!!! >.<
    Dass kenn ich, wenn man was so toll findet, dass man es in allen Farben haben will ^.^

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