Give-Away Winners!

Hello hello my friends!

It’s time to announce the Give-Away-Winners! Thank you to everyone who took part in the Disney Give-Away Contest. Furthermore, I appreciate your feedbacks regarding my blog posts. I know that you guys miss my nail arts, baking recipes and Hana’s diaries. I am always thinking about these topics and I hope to become more creative with my nails, increase my time in my “bakery” and ask Hana for some new update about her cat’s life. I would like to do more of the fashion coordinates as well, since some of you guys liked these posts ( ´∀`)ノ …I also got another interesting question from BlueBird! She asked me, if I could give some advices for travelling to Japan on a “poor-mode”. Well, as far as I am concerned, I already travelled in a saving mode (*^~^*)ゝ Hm… but looking back to the travel arrangements, we may could book a cheaper flight – which would probably take hours and many stop-overs before you arrive in Japan. And regarding the accommodation; as far as I know, Japan has a lot of capsule hotels, which are definitely more favourable than standard hotels. The cost-effective way to travel in Japan is for example the Rail-Pass. Gosh, there are still so many points, where you could save your money… food, shopping, sightseeing, entertainment…. Travelling in a “poor-mode”, that’s a interesting topic and may needs a separate blog post (/。\) I’ll keep this question in mind!

Ok, back to the main task: the Give-Away Announcement! Three winners has been chosen randomly (by my Mum ;). If you are one of the lucky ones, you will get an e-mail in the next few hours, so don’t forget to check your mail box! And for those, who haven’t been selected, please don’t be sad, there are still some Give-Aways that I have planned for this year :) Stay tuned~(^^♪

1. Minako
2. Samantha
3. BlueBird



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4 responses to “Give-Away Winners!

  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an die Gewinner! :)
    Beim nächsten Giveaway werde ich ganz bestimmt auch wieder mit machen. :3

    Wegen des Matcha Lattes, ne? Ich war bei der ersten Tasse auch noch nicht so überzeugt. Werde das nächste Mal einfach weniger Wasser nehmen. Aber eigentlich mochte ich ihn schon. ^^” Also wenn du deinen los werden möchtest, würde ich ihn gerne nehmen wollen! *_* <3

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