Christmas 2013


Hello my S.W.E.E.T.H.E.A.R.T.S!

Did you all have a nice Christmas time with your family, friends or partner? My Christmas went by pretty calm this year. On 24 December I spent Christmas at home and the next day was basically at my Granny’s home. That’s my annual Xmas tradition (*^∇^*)

Before this year ends, I just wanted to summaries my December happenings in one post. Since my blog was full of my Japan travel diaries, I didn’t have time to post other stuff… Sorry >o< Well, back to December – this month was full of christmasy occasions. There was a team event with my working colleagues. For the first time I made my own chocolate Santa! Furthermore, I have been to the Christmas markets in Zurich and Lucerne. The Swarovski tree (in Zurich) was amazing as every year ヾ(☆▽☆). On a Saturday I went to Hiro Takahashi‘s bakery to get some of his delicious Melonpan and Anpan. Hmmmm, what else did I do..? Right, I wrote some Xmas cards and also got a very cute one from my friend. Some weeks ago I baked tons of Christmas cookies *lol*. And last but not least I celebrated Christmas with my beloved ones. (⌒-⌒)

This will be my last entry for this year. I just wanted to thank you again, my beloved readers, for stopping by at my blog. It would make me happy when you still will continue to visit and have a look at Miho’s Happy Life in the next year. Love you all! My sweet little clovers, you all make me so happy ♥ xoxo Miho

1-chocofactory_zpsc93f2818 1-chocofactory1_zpsd046779c 1-chocofactory3_zps4addd975We could create our own Santa :D 1-chocofactory2_zps58d92a95mhhmm, pure chocolate! 1-chocofactory4_zps6531fe08Let it dry… 1-chocofactory5_zps7a6aa0bf 1-chocofactory8_zps3455bcdbMy lovely Santa ♥ 1-chocofactory7_zpsee34e03e 1-chocofactory6_zps57c968bb~♡~4-Xmas-market_zps2892abdcI love the breathtaking Swarovski Xmas tree in Zurich 4-Xmas-market1_zps7815b850~♡~
Melonpan & Anpan from Hiro Takahashi ^.^2-Takahashi_zps4fbda370~♡~
I wrote and got Xmas greetings ★Xmas-cards_zpsa37bae42~♡~3-Cookiefactory_zps680c6a0dour annual tradition: Cookie baking! 3-Cookiefactory1_zpsa26b524f3-Cookiefactory6_zps251e21e9 3-Cookiefactory3_zpsc9ebd10f 3-Cookiefactory4_zpseb6286bc 3-Cookiefactory2_zps94d03863Sweet treat =)3-Cookiefactory5_zpsdc93bb2a~♡~5-Xmas-home_zps8d8a00fcXmas time with Mommy 5-Xmas-home4_zps56a17ea8Selfmade Xmas Strawberry Shortcake
*delicious* >o<5-Xmas-home1_zps397760cb 5-Xmas-home3_zps0620c2fe5-Xmas-home2_zps485073ef~♡~5-xmas-Granny_zpsa0b5d9365-xmas-Granny1_zpse48fc886

How was your Christmas Time?


3 responses to “Christmas 2013

  1. Hab mein Weihnachtsfest auch ganz gemütlich mit meinen Eltern und Großeltern verbracht, so wie jedes Jahr eigentlich. :)

    Boah, der Swarovski-Weihnachtsbaum ist ja der Wahnsinn! *_* Und meinen eigenen Schoko-Weihnachtsmann würde ich auch gerne mal selber machen. ;)

    Dir schon mal einen guten Rutsch und nächstes Jahr werde ich hier auf jeden Fall auch weiter lesen. ;D

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