Goodbye Japan ~ Last Day in a nutshell

Good evening my sweet snowflakes! (゚∇^*)

We are finally finally at the end of our journey. Time to go home… On the one hand, I still wanted to stay in Japan – eat delicious Japanese food, go shopping, have fun at game center and enjoy some more days in the Land of the Rising Sun –  but on the other hand I missed my home, my own bed and my sweetheart Hana. The last day before we left Japan, we moved to the Star Gate Hotel, which is very near to the Kansai Airport. We did nothing special on those days; we did our last shopping, struggled with our suitcases *lol* and we had a small walk along the sea. Despite the rain and the fact that I couldn’t go swimming, it was a magnificent moment to feel the fresh sea air on my face. While listening to the relaxing sound of the waves, I thought back to the last three weeks in Japan…

It was one of the greatest Japan-holidays that I ever had in my life. Discovering Japan with my dearest friends was an exciting experience and I am so happy that we finally found a common date for our long-desired journey after many many years. To my beloved sister and my BFFs: Thank you so much for the marvelous time that we had in Japan, you made this journey unforgettable. I can’t wait to go on another adventure with you guys! xoxo. Love you so much!

Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport

Our room – so much space!Looking out of the windowSea view~ Off to the sea It is incredible how much things (or waste)
were being washed up on to the beach!do you need a new shoe ^.^?? We always found just one pair of shoe……or a leg.
Do you think that the doll is looking for his/her leg xD?Dead fish… Baseball, tennis ball, golf ball, football…
We could find all type of balls! Our last dinner in Japan buhuuu Some more miles till home The fight with my suitcase was worth it *g* Last but not least, a big thanks to YOU ALL, my dear readers. I know that my blog posts were kind of a never ending story. I hope they didn’t bored you. The next post will be more up to date; festive and christmasy. (*・∀-)☆ Oh yes, and before I forget it: I also brought some nice souvenirs from Japan, so there will be a Give-Away soon! Do not miss this chance and stay tuned for the upcoming Give-Away entry! ♪~(´ε`♡)


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