Tokyo Disneyland ・ 東京ディズニーランド

No one is too old for fairy tales or Disney, right?~☆ For one day, Disneyland took me back to my childhood. BTW, it was the first time that I have been to DisneyLAND v(´∀`*v) I was in Disney Sea Tokyo when I was small and that’s it. Somehow it is also funny… cause the nearest Disneyland from Switzerland would be in Paris, France. Aaaaahh…! But I still didn’t manage to go to Paris yet ( >ω<) However, since we already were in Tokyo, we decided to meet Mickey Mouse & Co. We went on a normal week day, but there were so many people… crazy *omg* I was thinking like; why aren’t you guys working or staying at school? Kids, teenagers, students, parents, granny, grandpa and tourists like us…. everywhere *lol*. Well, I guess that’s normal at amusement parks, huh? (´-`) But no matter how many people staying at the park – the most important point is that we had a lot of fun together ♪

Mickey’s Passport ^w^

30 years jubilee
It was the Happiness Year =) *yay*

In Halloween mood

Cinderella’s Castle~


Next stop… Fantasia Land xD

Winnie the Pooh <3

Actually, I bought this at a Kombini and not at Disney Land *lol*

Miho goes round ;)

two Minnies :)

how about a bunny hut ^^ ?

Pretty glassworks
it was fascinating!

Mickey and Mike bread ♥

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