Purikura ~ the cutest photobooth shots ever!

Hello Sweeties,

when I am in Japan, I will never ever go home before I went to the game center to make one of the cutest photo stickers in the world: Purikura プリクラ. The technology of these photo machines is changing from year to year. I remember, when I was in Japan in 2008, you could (only) take photos and decorate them as you like. Nowadays, the machine automatically makes your eyes look bigger and your skin flawless and bright as possible, so that you look like a Manga character. Some of the machines even photoshop your body, so that you get very skinny legs. Somehow it looks cute… but also a bit scary… >w< I prepared a short step-by-step-instruction on how to use a Purikura-machine below. We really made a lot in Japan, they can be quite addicting *lol*. Yay, I can’t wait to stick them all on my personal Purikura-memory-book. ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

There are so many Puri-machines…
it is so difficult to decide >o<

Dakota Rose, the living doll :)
do you know her?

this is how it looks like before you stamp and paint your pictures

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