Three years later…

…I am finally going to Japan! O(≧∇≦)O イエイ!! Oh my God, I am so excited to visit my second home town after three fulfilled years. Do you remember my travel post from 2010? I can’t wait to meet my granny, auntie, uncle and my two cousins. Until now, I went to Japan with my mum, but this time she will stay at home (and look after Hana). I will discover Japan with my two BFF and my little sister instead. I can’t wait to take Purikura プリクラ, eat delicious Sushi 寿司, go shopping and take a break from the routine of my everyday life.

Well then, my lovelies, this weekend I will be busy with all the preparation before leaving Switzerland. There will be no blog post the next three weeks, so my travel diary will be published around November. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that I won’t keep you up-to-date. You can follow me on my Facebook Page or on Instagram @mihoshappylife. v(*’-^*)ゞ・’゚☆

PS. You’ll find some embarassing pics of my past stays in Japan below (。・_・。)

Take care and see you soon guys!
xoxo Miho

My second cousin and me
Yeah, that was me in 2004 (/。\)イヤン!ハズカシイ

Me and my little Sister
Osaka city in 2005

At Miyajima in 2007

Me and my first cousin
Japan 3 years ago!

In Kyoto after my haircut ^^

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