Driving is easy…? Definitely not!

Good evening boys and girls!

How was your day? *Uff* I have just survived the required course to get my original driving licence. My probation is nearly over in about one month so I urgently had to attend the WAB course – a course, which is obligatory for all new drivers. Even if I hate driving, (yes, I don’t like to drive a car!! But I honestly have to say, it is comfy to have a car… but quite sure expensive ^^”) I had a great time with my other driving colleagues and teachers. We laughed so much today. I even met my former driving instructor after three years! He didn’t change, he was still the funny guy I knew from the beginning σ(゚ー^*). And I finally got my souvenir photo from the day on which I passed my driving exam. (≧∇≦)キャー♪

The evening ended in a pleasant and mouth-watering atmosphere~

A swiss driving licence!

Passed my driving exams in 2010~

It is getting cold >> time for Raclette! *yum*

Potatoes and Cheeeeeeeese~
I love this Swiss dish <3

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