Never too old for the ZOO

Hello my sweet bunnies!

We had a small trip to the zoo yesterday. It was such a long time ago that we (my Dad, Sis and my little half-brother) had a family outing. I have been many times to the Zurich zoo, so as a change I wanted to go to the zoo in Basel. We often went there in our childhood – a walk through the park brought back lovely memories. (-˘◡˘-)

Isn’t this postcard cute?!Me and my lovely Sister Or silly sister Sweet or Sceary? (⑅๑╹ω╹๑ )Kiss me!Do you see him? I didn’t know that flamingos can do that…
until I saw it o.OIt looked like they were praying *lol* showing some pictures This guy was cute!Listening carefully to my Dad’s friendLemurs! This reminds me of the movie Madagaskar
*I like to move it move it* My little bro~


3 responses to “Never too old for the ZOO

  1. I really like your dress and I agree, you’re never too old for zoo’s, never! Omg I never knew flamingos do that too but how come those ones aren’t pink like the others?

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