Purikura ・ プリクラ in Switzerland

What a wonderful day we have today! (✧◡✧)

I went shopping in the morning… and ended up buying just a summery blouse. But that’s not the reason why I am blogging now. I rather want to show you guys, what I have found in the Emmen shopping center: a Swiss Purikura machine! I have never seen it before and the photo decorating machine looked very new. From Laurita I knew that there is a similar machine in Zurich and now it finally arrived in Lucerne. The decorating stuff like frames, stamps and background was quite western-style… I missed the cute kawaii touch, which I know from Japanese Purikura machines. However, you can’t have everything, right? Since I was alone, I didn’t make any photos, but may I will go there with my friends the next time to test out this western Purikura machine. (●^3^●)

Japanese Purikura (´・ω・`) 日本のプリクラ
from my last holiday in 2010

My Memories of Japan ♥ 日本で撮った思い出

7 responses to “Purikura ・ プリクラ in Switzerland

  1. I never knew they’d make a purikura machine outside of Asia! You took alot of purikura while in Japan keke I never actually liked the decorating part, I’m so bad at it.

    re: Haha Menchies is a frozen yogurt place where you can sample all the flavors and there are a lot of toppings you can pick from, it’s a self serve type of place. These frozen yogurt places have become very popular in the past few years.

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