The Cambodian Way of Life・Random

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Hello… and Goodye…

Yes guys, this will be finally finally the last post about my holidays in Southeast Asia! All the stuff is starting to get a little old… Uff, I should leave my camera at home when I go on holidays the next time *lol*. Anyway, I am more or less finish with my school work, so I can soon concentrate entirely on my Blog – with new and fresh updates. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to share my next holiday destination *omg* the flight is already booked a long time ago. ヽ(●´3`)ノ゛ルンルン♪

Back to my last post: Today’s entry is a random blog post about the excursions we did in Cambodia. It was not a typical sightseeing tour; it was more to understand and learn about the culture, traditions and the way of living of the locals. You will see it when you scroll down…

In a nutshell: I had a very exciting time in Southeast Asia. Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia – every single country is unique and I am happy that I had the opportunity to discover the hidden beauties of these places. Singapore, I will miss your amazing beaches and the pretty Merlions. Malaysia, thank you for making me crazy about your shopping malls *g* …and Cambodia, take care of your precious temples and keep on cooking Khmer Amok and Loc Lac!

~Silk Farm~

Artisans Angkor


when you get closer, you can see x-billions of little caterpillars!

awww, time to sleep ^.^

cooking silk worms…

colouring the silk


Tuk Tuk riding *yay* •ᴗ•

The old Pepsi factory…

Self-made rice papers

Welcome at the petrol station!
This is how Cambodian people sell petrol.

Drying fish. Looks beautiful – doesn’t it?
I wonder how it tastes like >w<

This was Fun!
All you need for a bamboo train is a square piece of wood and a motor *lol*

~Siem Reap~

Riding a Rikshaw! (It’s a kind of a velo taxi ^^)

Visiting the temples of Siem Reap

A small model of Angkor Wat

Water Lilies~

~S21 Prison~

Historical moment…
Horrible things happened here at the prion S21.
Acutally I am not a highly sensitive person, but when I walked through the prisons I could feel this negative aura and looking all the photos
made me feel so sad, it was difficult not to cry.

~Last Day~

Enjoying the last day in Cambodia with my beloved school friends!

Hello and Goodbye… Southeast Asia
Thank you for all the wonderful moments!

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2 responses to “The Cambodian Way of Life・Random

  1. I have too bad travel fever now! This is one place definitely in the must go list. Thanks for sharing all the loooovely pictures! <3

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