Cambodian FoodPorn

Hello my Dears!

This will be finally the second last post about my trip to Cambodia. I am sorry to bore you with x-billions of South Asian post *haha*, even though, my life now wouldn’t be more interesting… (haha, still working on my diploma thesis – only 2 weeks to go OMG). I promise to change my blog post to my everyday life activities and random stuff after my busy school life. Fashion, Food, Nail Art, Trips, Events and more – so stay tuned ^^


Having breakfast with a pretty view



All the fruit shakes were so refreshing and deliiiicious!

Cambodian beer


All you can eat >w<

Must try this cambodian speciality: Khmer Amok!
Sounds strange but tastes awesome!!!




something exotic *lol*
Cambodian BBQ

It was so yummy!
The corcodile meat was a bit tough but the kangaroo is quite good.
I finally tried frog legs for the first time: it tastes like chicken *lol*

HAVEN – where helping tastes good

The following restaurant supports training programmes and helps orphans to achieve a secure and independent future. It is owned and run by a Swiss couple so you also could choose Swiss specialities…. nevertheless, I have chosen something Asian *g*

Loc Lac – another Cambodian speciality, which was amazing delicious!

and a “healthy” salad to finish this post ^.^

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