Camboida ・Siem Reap

The next post is about our stay in Siem Reap – the capital city of Cambodia. We transferred from The Bliss Villa to the Steung Siemreap Hotel. On this day, we finally met our school colleagues and teachers. Yeah… our seminar started ^.^ Luckily we just had to write an article about our stay in Cambodia, so we had a lot of free time to see the places and the culture of this exciting country. When you are in Cambodia, there are a lot of Cambodian taxi drivers with their Tuk Tuk or motor bikes. And at every corner they ask you “Ladyyyyyyy, need Tuk Tuk??!!”….  *omg*

Hihi, I bought this dress at the market in Siem Reap =)

I love the oriental pattern!

Here is the Bat Mobil.. eehh, I mean Tuk Tuk >w<

many many Tuk Tuk

Fish Spa everywhere!

*graaaaw* Miho the crocodile hunter LOL

at the night market

cheers mate!

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