Last Stop: Cambodia!

Hello my Dears,

are you ready to follow me to the last country? Let’s go to Cambodia! The reason why we actually went to South East Asia was because of the intensive seminar, which was organized from our school. After improving the Swiss destination Davos and Romania, we tourism students had the opportunity to explore a “new part” of the world. There were many people (including me) who haven’t been to an exotic country in South East Asia before.

PS. You need a visa for Cambodia!

Bye bye Malaysia~

I wanted to watch this movie… BUT;
the flight last around 1.5 hours…
and the movie about 2 hours!!! TT___TT *snob*

Finally, arrived!

Frangipani <3

Tuk Tuk – the taxi of Cambodia =)

One night at the Bliss Villa
It’s very cheap and the service was very very friendly ^^

Got a mini banana from the lovely receptionist!

…and this unknown fruit :D

One response to “Last Stop: Cambodia!

  1. Wow! You did so much travelling! I just read back on some of your older posts! Singapore looks amazing =3 Though everywhere looks really fun too ! Tourism students get to go to such fun places!!! Where are you headed next? =D

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