Next Stop: Malaysia!

After our short trip, we already planned to go to the neighbouring country of Singapore; Malaysia! Instead of taking the plane we decided to take a comfy bus of Transtar Travel. I think we booked the category Solitaire, which cost us about 60 SGD (~45 CHF / 47 US$). There was very much space for each seat and you could enjoy movies from different countries and the meal was included. The journey to Kuala Lumpur last about 5 – 6 hours.

Malaysia, I am coming~!

Bought some snack at 7-Eleven.

Aloe Grape Juice :3

The “Fake”-Station didn’t work…
I couldn’t game Bubble Shooter (๑´•o• `๑)

Dinner time!

A new stamp in my passport xD

Our hotel in Kuala Lumpur: Fraser Place

a big kitchen… which we never used *lol*

Enough space to chill ^^

We needed money to go out for dinner *g*

awwww, Hello Kitty Debit Card >w<

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