Singapore ・ Sightseeing and Sentosa Island

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So, let’s move on with some Sightseeing trips. What’s better than a tour with the Sightseeing bus to see the “best-of” places and attractions of Singapore? With the Singapore Duck & Hippotours you could easily discover the city and hop on and hop off at the places you like. We chose to buy a 2-day ticket, so during our first sightseeing-day we saw a lot of the city and on our second sightseeing-day we went to Sentosa Island, which was also included in our ticket from Duck & Hippotours.

Thank God we all have a Smartphone *lol*

The Marina Bay Sand Hotel

Amazing architecture!

Hopping off at the most famous shopping street in Singapore: Orchard Road!

Day 2 ~ Sentosa Island

We didn’t know these people… but they were all smiling =)

taking photos ^^

One of many possibilities to dry your clothes, haha

At Sentosa Island you also can go to Universal Studios.
Unluckily, we didn’t had any time to go.

Candy paradise (꒪◊꒪ )))

It felt so nice to see the beach!

I love the idea with the beer bottles on the top ^^

Olà Nachos!

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