Fashion Coordinate #Floral

Hi everyone!

I know it is not the right weather in Switzerland ꒰ ´ᆺ`꒱ We still have kind of autumn/winter… I wonder what happened to our sunny summer. Nevertheless, I prepared another fashion outfit post, so you can experiment in front of your wardrobe until it is getting warmer again ^^

I am wearing the EOS Max Pure Green Circle Lenses.
Please click here for the Circle Lens Review.

PS. this strange black “thing” next to my feets is Hana *lol*

Till next time! xoxo

3 responses to “Fashion Coordinate #Floral

  1. Wah I really like this coordinate! I feel like it’s always a classic piece and can easily be seen in Japanese magazines every year hahaha It’s so cute! It’s a lot of layering, does it get hot in the summer? Oh I hope it gets warmer in Switzerland!!! It’s still rainy where I live but it has gotten a lot warmer! Not warm enough to wear shorts yet though darn!

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