Fashion Coordinates

Hello my sweet Fashionistas

As I already announced on my Facebook-Page, (actually it was a loooong looong time ago… sorry for the delay >o<!!) I prepared a special fashion post. I am pretty sure that all of you had this situation at least once in your lifetime: You open your wardrobe and don’t have the right clothes to wear (even if you have billions of shirts, tops, sweaters trousers, skirts…! *lol*) and once you picked out your outfit, you suddenly want to wear something else? Especially we girls have to struggle with this challenge (mostly) every day, right?

With simple tricks you can change your monotone clothing piece to adorable eye-catchers. Fashion is all about Combination!  This is nothing new, but I just wanted to show you that adding, for example a belt or other accessories, can make a huge difference. Take your time, get out your clothes and be creative. Combining and experimenting in front of the mirror can be very funny.

So, shall we start?

This slipdresses are really great!
I own about six pieces of them in black and white!
They are perfect when your dress is short or to give more pizzazz to your outfit.
(More info about the slipdresses > at the end of this blog post)

hm… which one should I use?


…or a belt?

I choose you:  Black Bow! ( >◡<)✧

Wear the shoes you like ^^


It is so simple – isn’t it?

According to the slipdress:
I bought it from
just search for “Slipdress” and you will find many different variations

I have prepared another fashion post in the same way. Stay tuned!

2 responses to “Fashion Coordinates

  1. oh cool post! Long time ago I added post with differences in the same outfit ;) It is nice idea! ^^

    Thanks for comment on my blog!:)

  2. This fashion post was really good and I love the step by step instructions lol I also get the feeling of “nothing” to wear either and am wanting to do some sort of fashion related post to it too =P Now if I’ll only get off my lazy bum to do it

    (mainly it’s because I need good sunny weather to take decent photos T_T)

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