The girl of the Alps in Lucerne

Hello my Sunshines!

Hope you enjoyed all this beautiful and fantastic day! We were very lucky that we could carry out the hospitality-school-project without rain. As some of you already know from my Facebook Page I could had to play the role of Heidi, the girl of the Alps. With my dear friend Peter we made children happy by giving them the opportunity to take photos with us or they could be creative with colouring pictures. The kids had their fun and we were more than happy and satisfied to see their smiling faces.

Lunchtime at Lake Lucerne

Ducks were begging for food

*Lovie Dovie* (♥❛◡❛ฺฺ)

Swans in the park

the boys were totally fascinated by them…

Are swans so fascinating..?
haha, I wonder what they were thinking at this moment…

The hospitality-project in Lucerne

my dear friend Peter!

*omg* the kids were sooo sweet!

taking pictures with the children

and this big kid was our teacher (◍´w`◍)

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