Let’s play a game…

Hello my pretty ladies and handsome gentlemen!

*lol* acutally I didn’t want to post about this weekend… but somehow, I just wanted to blog (to be honest, I am hiding from my home works right now ). So, what was I doing from Saturday to Sunday…? We had a project seminar – yeah, the whole weekend!! *sigh*  The class was split up into ten different groups and each group had to play a role of a touristic company (hotel, tourist office or cable railway). Our mission was to keep our company alive and attract tourists to our destination. It was funny to plan strategies, collaborate with others and make own decisions, indeed, but two days was quite too much for me. Planning, discussing, deciding is exhausting…

Lots of numbers…

Analysing our charts

Everyone with a Coca Cola glass ^w^

Such a pretty garden *____*

Dealing with others *gg*

thinking, thinking, thinking….

BTW, this weekend was the JAPANIMANGANIGHT Event in Winterthur. With deepest regret I coudn’t go there… the project seminar was a MUST *snob*. Anyway, there is always a next year – right?  °˖✧◝(^▿^)◜✧˖°

My JAN-Blog posts and impressions from the past years…

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