Good evening my Lovelies!

I finally had my last exam today – the next few month I’ll have to write two diploma theses and that’s it! I’ll be a free girl *yeah*.

After my exam, which I had this morning, I rushed home to change my clothes; in the afternoon I met my sister in Basel and we both went to an exhibition called BASELWORLD. It is a World Watch and Jewellery Show, where the world’s most renowned brands display their newest collections of watches, jewellery and precious-stones. Since my sister and I work in this sector, we got free tickets to visit BASELWORLD. For me it was the first time – my sister already went there three times before, so she already knew quite a lot of this exhibition. She works as a goldsmith, so she could guide me through the halls and give me a short lesson on gemstones & Co.

The exhibition was awesome! My heart skips a beat, when I see watches! There were sooo many beautiful wristwatches, every single piece is unique and all the special functions and complex processing surprises me again and again.

May the following photos won’t look very impressive to you – it is quite difficult to catch the magnificent “charisma” of a watch or jewellery in a photo. These luxurious creations only look really breathtaking on the spot.

Chopard, my fav watch! Love it!
Someday I will buy one (灬>ω<灬)

*omg* this was really COOL!
It looked amazing from near and far.
Let’s have a closer look…

There were thousands of movements
(internal mechanism of a watch) hanging on a wire rope.

On the spot these pieces were glittering and sparkling.

A swan watch by Boucheron

Smiling gemstones =)

Thank you Sis, for guiding me through the exhibition ^.^



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