Cabrio Drive and Happy belated Birthday!

Hello snow Bunnies!

After the sunny spring days and pleasant temperatures around 22°C in Switzerland, I got my first experience of culture shock yesterday. Switzerland has been attacked from x-billions of snowflakes *arg*. We had a school expedition to the Stanserhorn mountain. On the one hand I was excited to see the World’s first CabriO cable car, on the other hand I wanted go back to South East Asia… guess why? It was snowing and so damn cold: we had min. -5°C on the top of the mountain *omg*. (Today, Sunday, the snow is almost gone…thank God!)

That’s not all what I did yesterday. I celebrated my belated birthday. Yeah, I turned 22 in Cambodia, so I couldn’t arrange a big party with my dear friends. I was very happy to see everyone after the intensive and exhausting seminar. As you will see, we had self-made burgers for dinner! It was yummy and it made a lot of FUN . Thank you guys, for all the sweet presents, lovely wishes and the great time I had with you!

PS. I still have to edit the photos of my trip abroad – everything will follow in May!

*brrr* Let’s cuddle!

CabriO cable car – Stanserhorn

Is was so foggy and a bit scary ( •́ㅿ•̀ )

Turned 22!

hygienic provisions were a must ^.^

Like a doctor *lol*


Mum’s Burger

Friend’s Burger

My Burger (˘w˘*)


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